"Too Cute" Christmas gift

My wonderful professional crochet mentor Jocelyn Sass gave me a crochet pattern for Christmas. It is a pattern for this adoreable bear. This is hands down the cutest crocheted bear I've ever seen. You can see more pictures or purchase the pattern from http://www.toocutecrochet.etsy.com. Isn't she just adoreable?!


Eve (from Wall-E)

I have a 2-yr old that LOVES the movie WALL-E. So, for Christmas I decided to crochet "Eve" for her. We purchased a WALL-E toy and gave it to her for her birthday, so I decided that now she needs an Eve. I figured this out as I went along and did not write it down, so there will not be a pattern available from me for this. I thought it turned out pretty good. What do you think? It is stuffed with fiber-fill. I made it with Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Cotton". As cotton yarns go, it is very soft.

A few months ago I put out the message to friends and family that I wanted to make a group project of putting together some afghans for charity. Several friends responded by making squares. I was able to put together four afghans! Great work ladies! The pattern is from the http://www.redheart.com/ website. I first saw it in their magazine crochet today. I want to say that it was in the Sept/Oct issue. You can now download it for free from their website. They also suggested in the magazine a number of charities that would accept donations of the afghans to be given to those in need. I had planned to donate it to the organization they mentioned called Warming Families. I found when I looked at their website http://www.warmingfamilies.com/ that they work locally through area coordinators. There is not however a coordinator in Oklahoma, so I took it upon myself to find a local organization that could use them. I took them to The Hope Center in Edmond at Danforth and Broadway where they will be donated to individuals that are poor and/or homeless. They all turned out really nice.

The first afghan pictured is made of squares in dark green, light green,
rose pink, tan and navy blue. All of these squares were made
by my good friend Heather. Way to go Heather! The next
one pictured has squares in bright pink, periwinkle, plum
purple, gray, and a variegated yarn that contains blue, purple,
and white.The pink, perwinkle, and gray squares were made by
yours truly, the plum purple, and variegated squares were made by my excellent friend Darci. Thank you Darci! The next one pictured contains squares in olive green , dusty purple, gray, burnt orange, tan, ecru, a couple ecru w/ magenta, and a few that are made of a variegated yarn in fall colors. The olive green, dusty purple, burnt orange, and tan were made by my wonderful mom. She's a great lady that I love very much! The ecru and ecru w/ magenta were made by my friend Darci (thanks again darci!). I made the gray and the variegated ones to finish it off. The last one pictured has squares in baby pink, a tweed of ecru with brown and dark gray flecks, sage green, dark tan, and a sparkly gray/silver. The baby pink squares were made by my good friend Linda; this was one of only a few crochet projects for her--she did a great job! The tweed, sage, and tan squares were made by my very good friend Kim. I didn't even know that she crocheted before she volunteered to help with this project. How fun to find another crocheting friend! The sparkly gray squares were made by my oldest sister Suzanne,
who taught me how to crochet when we were both kids.
Thanks Suzanne!

BTW, in case you hadn't noticed, I stink at formatting these blog posts. It just doesn't go well for me. Sorry about that. I'm sure I'll get better at it as time goes on. Well, thanks everyone who contributed! The helpers at The Hope Center were very glad to recieve them!