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Christmas gift for my Sweetie

This is a gift I made for my husband for Christmas. He loves to create new recipes. I bound some pages together by sewing a glueing and then crocheted this cover for his new cooking journal. He was pretty excited about it. I was pleased with how the book turned out. The yellow yarn that I used is called "Arcadia" and I believe it is made by Cascade. It is mostly cotton with a little bit of angora. I bought this yarn planning to make mittens with it. I figured that it would be a nice fiber combination for a pair of mittens for a baby in a not-too-cold climate. Well, don't EVER buy this yarn for wearables. It is by far the scratchiest yarn I have ever used. I've used 100% cotton yarns much softer than this. Fortunately it worked out to be exactly the right amount of yarn for this book cover. I had about 8 inches of yarn left when i finished it.

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