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Today I have been tinkering a little with an idea that I had yesterday.  I'm just trying to figure out how to make a particular shape.  I may try submitting this idea to a magazine once perfected.  The yarn is Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn.  It's a pretty soft 100% acrylic yarn.  If I submit this design it will not be in this yarn; this is just something I had in my stash so I grabbed it for the tinkering.
This picture shows a design project I have been working on for several weeks and plan to self-publish when it's done.  My husband got me two balls of Paton's Bamboo Silk for Christmas and I am using that.  I often leave my project out somewhere on the kitchen counter so that I can work on it just a bit here and there when I get a minute.  I had just torn out a bunch of stitches so there is a pile of curly yarn on top of my pile of pictures waiting to be labeled.  See how much I get accomplished? ;)  I really love this yarn.  It is very soft and a little bit shiny.  So far the project is turning out great!

This is something I was working on in January and have almost finished.  The yarn is a Misti Alpaca hand-dyed Alpaca Silk that my mom gave me for Christmas.  Ohhhh it is so lovely!  It is very soft, very dense, and the colors are very pretty.  I believe the colorway is called Manhattan Rose.  I decided to try it out as a substitute in this pattern from Crochet Today.  This pattern was in one of the issues from last spring or summer.  It has turned out beautifully.  My mom got me 2 hanks.  Unfortunately that was just enough to make the wrap minus the very last two pattern repeats on the last row.  I did however make it with one fewer set of rows since it was a larger yarn than the pattern called for.  So, I will probably buy another hank pretty soon and finish my wrap.  Maybe I'll use the rest of that hank to make a skinny scarf to put up in my etsy store.

Well, things are good, but busy.  My etsy store has been at a stand-still since early December now that my baby is eating baby food -- this is such a time-consuming stage of babyhood.  I have submitted some other design ideas to magazines, but I'm kind of glad that none of them have been accepted right now.  I've had VERY little time for crocheting, so it's been a blessing in disguise.

Happy crocheting everyone!

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