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Bella Dress from Spring 2010 Interweave Crochet Revealed!

Well, at long last, here is the revealed "Bella Dress" from the Spring 2010 Issue of Interweave Crochet that I designed.  Click here to see the supply list for the issue and a couple of extra pictures.  A matching headband for this little girl might have been nice, but otherwise the pictures are nice.  I'm very pleased to finally see them.  Can't wait to get my issue in the mail!


  1. How exciting! Congrats! The dress is adorable!

  2. K the dress is absolutly adorable. . .but I think they could of found a cuter baby to model it. . .i know that is really mean to say. . .but really!! or at least put a headband in her hair. YOu did such a nice job on the dress!! and I am so happy for you. . .how exciting!!