Spare Hooks

I squeeze crochet into every possible spare moment.  So, when hubby and I are going somewhere together he drives, and I crochet.  Tonight we were going to a church meeting together and I grabbed a project bag to take with me.  However, I forgot my hook.  Arrgghh!  I was very dismayed at losing some precious crocheting time.  However, we were running late, so there was no time to run back and get it.  So began a discussion about spare crochet hooks.  I have now determined that I need to keep an extra set in my car, ooh!  no, both cars, and my purse.  So, I was telling Mr. AC this.  After a moment's contemplation he came up with the best idea yet...."Maybe you could sew a little pocket into your bra and keep one with you all the time..."  Well, we are both laughing as I type this.  This is obviously funny on many levels.  Especially if you know my husband.  However, I kind of think it's not a bad idea... :)

Goodnight everyone!



  1. Bwa-ha-ha-ha...too funny!

  2. Just remember to remove it before you fly or go into a federal building! You could be spending a lot of time trying to explain! LOL