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More completed Bella Dresses

This Bella Dress was made by Kelly, from Canada.  This is the first completed dress that I saw after the pattern was published.  She used Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton yarn.  I love the colors!  I also love how the design is so versatile.  Two people could pick the exact same yarn and wind up with a completely different dress based on the fabric and ribbon they use.  It's been fun to see all of the different versions that have been made.
This beautiful dress was made by Jocelyn from Pennsylvania.  I love the fabric she found.  This is really a beautiful dress.  This is the second one that I saw a picture of completed.  The yarn she used is Debbie Bliss Ecobaby Fairtrade. 
This dress is the most recently completed one that I've seen.  It was made by Erin, who lives in the US, though I don't know which state.  She used Bernat Cottontots Ombres.  It turned out pretty cute.  I like how the variegated yarn looks in the skirt section.

Well, it has been SO fun for me to see these dresses via Ravelry.  I just love that site.  As a designer, it is really the place to be on the web.  I love to see pictures of completed projects from my designs.  It will be super fun to see what comes up when my next 2 designs come out late this year.  Bytheway, these photos are copyrighted by the talented ladies that made the dresses, and I appreciate their willingness to let me post them here for you all to see. 

And now, it is almost time for me to go to bed, so Adieu for the night!

Sweet dreams!
April :)

Bella Dress - Crochet Me

Bella Dress - Crochet Me(click link to go to and see a picture)
Well, I have not personally done a lot of crocheting this week. After finishing something with a deadline, I usually have to ease off for a while and catch up on other things. I have to pour a lot of my free time and not-so-free time into finishing the item and the pattern in only 3 weeks. So, instead of seeing something I made this week, I'll show you the Bella Dress that is being/was made by Interweave Crochet Associate Editor Toni Rexroat. I think the yarn is dark purple, though it looks black in the picture when viewed on my computer. You can find this in the "Work In Progress" gallery on There are also a few people on Ravelry that have made them. I am going to try to post pictures of these on the blog and Facebook as I get permission from the crafters. So, we'll start with this one.

I would love to hear from any of you about what you are up to with crochet lately.

Happy stitching!
April :)


Sneak Peek!

Well, here it is my sneak peek picture.  As usual, I took this during blocking so the yellow, and one green, dots are pins.  This will be out late this year.  I always wish I could show you more, but editors don't approve of having all the surprises of upcoming publications given away, so you have to settle for a little snippet.  What do you gals/guys think?

This week I have to finish up writing the pattern, mail this one off, send in another submission, catch up on household things, prepare for a birthday party, and get back to a project that I put on hold to work on this one.  And of course, take care of my kiddos, and keep the house reasonably clean.

Just a few days ago I got the dates and place for next year's CGOA conference.  It is July 27-31 in Minneapolis, MN.  I think there is a 95% chance that I will be going.  I might even have a free plane ticket thanks to Mr AC's frequent flyer points.  However, I've committed myself to getting more design ideas submitted so that I'll be sure to make enough to pay for the trip even without the plane ticket, as he may need to use it to visit family soon.  Are any of you hoping to make it to the conference?  I sure would love to meet up with any of my blog readers while there!

Well, happy crocheting all!



Checking in

This week I have been working solely (crochet wise anyway) on my next magazine project.  It's not finished yet, but when it's blocking I'll take a sneak peek picture to post on the blog for you.  The picture above is a chain made mostly by Drama Queen (see my post Super Secret Code Names) for her entry into Jimbo's Kinder Crochet Week competition.  He wound up making a hook for each child that was entered because there were so few.  So, each of my 3 oldest girls got a genuine wooden Jimbo crochet hook of their very own.  They are so cute!

In other news, I had a day yesterday that is a sort of day I dislike.  I never managed to get my brain engaged in my day, so I sort of drifted from one thing to another, not really knowing what to do next, not using time very well, and having lots of (minor) catastrophes.  When I have a day like this I find that it is the result of poor planning.  I do much better when I make a to-do list.  So, today I planned, and have had a marvelously purposeful day.

Also, I am giving a trial run to two other social networking sites.  I have registered on Twitter, and you can find me there as @AprilCreates.  If I've done this right, clicking that link will take you to my Twitter profile, but I have also added a button in the right sidebar that will allow you to follow me on Twitter.  So far, and if I continue in the same pattern, you'll probably find more non-crochet related tidbits in my tweets than you will on my blog.  Also, I have started a Facebook Fan Page, that I will endeavor to update about as frequently, and with the same info as my blog, so you could follow me either place and not miss anything by only keeping up with one of them.  The fan page is April Creates, nice theme huh?  There is also a link to that in the right sidebar, but I'm not sure its working just yet, however the link in the body of this post, just above, should work.  Well, so I've started these, I'm not sure yet how they will go.  You can join me for the experiment if you like, but I make no promises as to the duration of the two just yet.

Hopefully, I'll post a sneak peek pic soon.  Until then, happy crocheting!

April :)