Wow! So Much Good News All at Once!

Well, it's been a fun day!  I'll try to stay organized as I share all the great crochet news with you!  First, I got back the 4 items that I entered in the Oklahoma State Fair creative arts competition.  I actually knew the results a few weeks ago, but wasn't ready to post about it just yet.  However, here are 3 of the items that I entered and their respective awards:
The prototype for my "Beautiful Arches Bolero" pattern won a 3rd place ribbon in the sweater category.  Sorry, I don't have a picture of it finished, so this picture shows stitch markers and yarn ends hanging out. 

Baby's "Bella Dress" won a 2nd place ribbon in the baby dress category.

This Alpaca/Silk wrap made from Misti Alpaca Suri Silk in colorway "Manhattan Rose" won a FIRST place ribbon in the shawl/cape category!  Yay me!

The fourth item that I entered is one that I wish I could show you, but I can't because it has been submitted for publication somewhere.  So, you'll have to wait to see it.  However, it won a FIRST place ribbon in its category!  Yay again!

So, that was fun.  I'll probably enter again next year.  I enjoyed it, and my parents sure were proud, who doesn't like to please their parents? (not counting teenagers ;) ).

My next item of big news is that my newest published pattern is now available to purchase in my Ravelry pattern store and my Etsy shop!  It is called Gracie Lacy Capris.  This is a pattern for girl's capris in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8.  The yarn is Rowan's RYC Siena, a 100% mercerized cotton.  This makes a dense fabric, like denim, but it is soft and just a bit shiny.  They are dressy, but comfy...and machine washable!  Just what you want for kids' clothes.  I LOVE how they turned out, and so does Drama Queen!  I hope that you all like it, and I would love it if you'd leave me a comment with your thoughts on it!  So, here are some pics for you:
So cute, right?!

My third piece of exciting news is that I can FINALLY tell you a little bit about one of my upcoming magazine patterns!  I can't reveal everything yet...not until the preview is up with pictures, but the pre-order is up in the Interweave Store.  You can see the cover and Table of Contents pages.  This special issue is going to be awesome!  I'm feeling so lucky to be getting a complementary copy!  It has 43 all new patterns in it!  These are all accessories, so they will be quick, and use relatively little yarn.  Great for gifts!  So, here is a link for the pre-order for Interweave Crochet Accessories 2010.  You can see my name in the Table of Contents under the name of my pattern "Avery's Wavy Scarf."  There aren't any pictures of it in that little preview, but I'll post here when the preview is up with pictures.  I'm just as anxious to see them as anyone! 

Well, that is it -- all of my exciting news.  I would love to hear from you all ;)

Happy crafting!

April :)

My Crafty Legacy

This will be my last post in my series about my crafty family.  This one focuses on my daughters.  I have four daughters.  In my public internet life I refer to them as Drama Queen, Princess, Lady Hops-a-lot, and Baby.  They aren't old enough to have done a lot of crafting yet, but they've done a little.  Drama Queen is an outstanding artist, as 6yr olds go.  They all enjoy painting when I get brave enough to let them, but Princess seems especially fond of it.  A couple of years ago Mr AC and I gave Drama Queen a "Creating Box" for her birthday.  We got a big plastic storage tub and filled it with pipe cleaners, stickers, decorative papers, craft foam sheets, wobbly eyes, etc.  She and her sisters really enjoy getting that box out and making interesting creations with its contents.  I have had each of the 3 oldest give crochet a try.  DQ has made a chain, the others have mostly made a mess, but, that's a start.  Baby has sat in my lap while I've stitched once in awhile, and likes to feel the yarn and fabric, and grab at my hook.  Here are some pictures of their artwork, creations, and crochet efforts:
One of Drama Queen's drawings.  She's into designing various rooms lately.  This is a bedroom design.

One of Princess's paintings

Some of DQ's creations for her Dad.  The blue one has some writing at the bottom that says "Yor the best wun in the yuowesa evr" which translates to "You're the best one in the USA ever".  So cute.  The pink letters she cut out are "DADE" which translates to "DADDY".  It sure makes a parent happy to get something like that from their child!

One of Princess's creations.  This was also a gift for Daddy.

Princess's crochet.  She let me help her make a chain, so this is what we finished with.
This is DQ's chain.  I helped her with the first few chains, but she did most of them herself.  I'm so proud!
Lady Hops-a-lot's crochet.  I got it ready for her to tinker with and then offered to help her make a chain, but she would have nothing to do with getting help, so she never actually made anything with it.  Oh well.  She's still rather young.

Well, there you have it.  I hope to see my girls do lots of creating over the years.  I hope that each of them learns to love creating things in some medium or another.

I think that I will finish my latest pattern this evening.  Stay-tuned...I will probably post pictures tomorrow!

Happy crafting!

April :)


My Crafty Grandma and Great-Grandma

This is my Grandma LaNier as I remember her.  I wish that I had some pictures of her from when she was my age, but I don't.  She is holding my daughter Princess in this picture.  My Grandma died a few years ago.  I was so glad that I could go see her shortly before she died.  I love my Grandma LaNier very much.  She was the first person on either side of my family to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or "Mormon" church.  So I have gratitude that she had the courage to embrace something new that has been a blessing in my life.  Also, she passed on her crafty heritage to my mom, who then passed it on to me.  My Grandma's mom is the one that taught her about embroidery, crochet, knitting, quilting, and sewing.  It is meaningful to me that for many of us, this needle craft legacy is passed from one generation of women to another with love, and sometimes there is a man or two in there that is courageous enough to learn as well.  Whenever I make something, I can know that many women that love me, enjoyed doing the same thing, and are maybe even watching me from heaven and take joy in knowing that they are a part of what I am making.  That's pretty special.  So, here are some of the things I have that they made:
Wedding quilt that my Grandma gave to Mr AC and myself on our special day.

These are two pictures of a set that my Grandma cross-stitched.  I have several others that all hang in my hallway.

These doilies were made by my great-grandmother, Gertrude Laughlin.  They are made with tiny thread and tiny stitches.  I don't actually have these on display anywhere in my home right now, but they are put up in a drawer until I find a good spot for them.  On the small one you can see on the upper-left side that one of the flowers has either come undone, or deteriorated in some way.  But, other than that, they are beautiful and flawless.

I still haven't seen any pics or stories from all of you about your crafty heritage.  I really would love to though!  Don't forget, you can leave comments here or post stories and/or pics on my Facebook Fan Page.

Also, I now have my new Etsy store up and running.  I even had my first sale sometime during the night.  Yay!

Happy crafting!

April :)


My Crafty Parents

I love my parents!  My mom taught me to love all things crafting as I was growing up.  She is artistic, though she will never admit it.  She has painted, but doesn't do it much.  She has made furniture.  She has laid tile, painted walls, hung wall paper, textured walls, sewn clothing (including 3 wedding dresses and numerous formal dresses for me and my sisters), cross-stitched, embroidered, knitted, crocheted, and quilted.  She is awesome!  My Dad is an electrical engineer with a Ph.D.  He always wanted one of his children to become an engineer like him.  My oldest sister is a highschool math teacher, who did not care to be an engineer, but understands some of the math.  My other older sister loves caring for children, including her own two.  She works at a mother's day out program with children - also not interested in being an engineer.  I stay home with my girls, and now like to consider myself an engineer that works with yarn, hooks, fabric, and needles instead of circuit boards, and electrical components like he does.  I was so far from interested in being an engineer that I counted out math, physics, and engineering majors first when trying to decide on my college major (I wound up getting my degree in Microbiology).  However, I think that the ability to design things is a commen thread between engineering, and crochet and craft design.  My younger sister also seems to have no interest in engineering, though I don't think she's quite settled on a career path yet.  She currently has a pharmacy tech license, but works at a couple of unrelated jobs, and paints and takes pictures for fun.  So, my poor dad didn't get an engineer out of one of his daughters :( , but he has 3 son-in-laws that are a little more electronically and mechanically inclined than their wives.  I did marry an engineer, and he and my dad enjoy discussing all things engineering, physics, and math, while most of us tune it out, though my oldest sister does sometimes participate in the math discussions.  My Dad is also an entreprenuer, and is a self-employed consultent right now.  I feel that my parents backgrounds and experiences have been a big part of what prepared me to design crochet patterns and crafts, and make a business of it.  I wouldn't be me without them.  I don't have any pictures of my Dad's projects, they're not realy very photogenic, but without more of my yacking, here are some pictures of my mom's beautiful work:

My wedding dress

Quilt she made for Baby

Another of her beautiful quilts

One more marvelous quilt

I feel so blessed to have had parents that taught me I could do anything I wanted to do.  They showed me that through their own lives, more than told me.  They are wonderful parents!

Happy crafting!

April :)


My Crafty Sisterhood

This is the second post in my series about my crafty heritage.  This one is about: My Sisters.  I have three sisters, two older, one younger.

First is my younger sister.  She is an artist and photography hobbyist.  Her name is Rachel Wood.  She would love to begin selling some of her work and just recently got a booth at a market called "Bad Granny's Bizarre" where she hopes to score some sales.  Here is one of her paintings
Copyright Rachel Wood
And here is one of her photographs:

Copyright Rachel Wood

She has a style that is quite a bit different than mine, but I think that her art is interesting and I'm very glad that she enjoys it and feels the same satisfaction in creating things that speak to and for her, just as I do.

My older sister K didn't enjoy crafting very much when we were kids, but she got into scrapbooking as a young adult and did that for quite awhile.  She prefers digital scrapbooking these days to the actual paper craft.  She started crocheting around 4 years ago, I think, and has now picked up knitting as well.  Here are some hats she made for my girls Princess and Lady Hops-a-lot when I was expecting each of them (separately, they are not twins).
She's made lots of other things too, but probably not a lot of things for me since I can make them myself.

My oldest sister S is the one that taught me how to crochet when we were both kids.  She also took classes as a teen to learn to paint ceramic items.  She painted numerous ceramic items and often gave them as gifts.  She also got into scrapbooking when it first got big.  She cross-stitches, quilts, and more recently, knits.  Here is a ceramic she gave me as a gift once many years ago.  The top portion is a lid and I use it as a jewelry box.
I LOVED horses and unicorns for many years during my childhood.  I still like them, but I'm not quite the fanatic that I used to be.  So, this was an excellent gift for me.

Several years ago, and for a couple years in a row, my oldest sister S, organized a "Christmas in July" craft get-together for my mom and each of us.  That was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it a lot.  The responsibilities of family have kept us from doing this regularly since then, but hopefully, we'll get back to it soon.  I have been very blessed to enjoy crafting with my sisters and learning from them throughout my childhood and adult years.  Sisters are great, aren't they?!

I would love to hear your stories of crafting with family members!  Post comments here or leave comments and pictures on my Facebook fan page.

Happy crafting!

April :)


My Crafty Beginnings

Hello blog followers!  It's a beautiful sunny day here in Oklahoma.  My girls are watching Sesame street right now.  Yesterday I bought some new music - downloaded MP3's.  Uncle Kracker - Smile, Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone, Colbie Caillat - I Never Told You & Realize, and Dido - White Flag.  Such great music!  I've been enjoying listening to them, and did so last night while I was stitching on a project.  But that's not the point of this post. 

I am beginning a series of posts.  This first one is on "My Crafty Beginnings".  I am going to show you some of my various craft projects from several years ago.  In the next few days/weeks I am going to do some posts on my crafty heritage, and my crafty legacy.  I am not going digging through all of my old boxes to find every last project that I could show you, afterall, I've got lots of crafting to do and limited time, but I am going to show you a sampling of projects for each post.  So, here goes:


When I was around 10 or 11, my oldest sister taught me to crochet.  I loved it from the beginning!  Previous to that however, I had watched my mom sew clothes and quilts and cross-stitch. 
This is the earliest project of mine that I have out at my house.  This is the second afghan I made.  The first one was made of squares that started with a crocheted pansy in the middle.  I used teal, pink, purple, and burgundy for the flowers, I think.  The squares were ecru.  This was the sort of craft project only a mother could love, so I gave it to my mom when I finished it.  My tension was very uneven way back then, so the squares are all different sizes.  It is therefore not very rectangular.

The afghan pictured above was made in strips.  It is also very eneven.  It looks there like I just didn't fold it very neatly so the bottom edges look uneven...but the edges are uneven.  It is impossible to fold this afghan neatly, because it is also not very rectangular.  As you can imagine, it was difficult to count accurately when making those long strips.
On strip in the middle of this picture you can see a rather bumpy spot a few inches from the end.  That is where I concluded that I hadn't made this strip long enough and crocheted a little extra strip onto the end.  Who knows if I was right or not, I may have wound up making it too long.  Anyway, practice makes perfect, right?  

I also remember my other older sister getting a hold of some thread crochet patterns for vintage-style Barbie dresses.  They were gorgeous!  I don't know who designed them, but kudos to them for making some beautiful designs.  I was very ambitious (always have been, still am) and decided to make one of these dresses.  The very full skirt was made of rows and rows of dc with lots of increases.  Well, about 1/3 of the way through that skirt I lost steam and didn't finish it, but it was still finished enough for Barbie to wear.

I also made a small throw quilt when I was 13 or so - a project that my mom wanted each of us (myself and my 3 sisters) to accomplish so we could learn quilting basics.  Mine was made of four large maple leaf blocks, each probably 2' x 2'.

Well, I won't chronicle every project in between, but here is another project:

This, of course is painted.  I really enjoyed drawing and painting when I was young, though I don't do it a lot anymore (except when creating logos apparently ;) ).  I played the trumpet and the french horn in band from 6-12 grades and into my first couple years of college.  Blue was my favorite color for a long time.  I made this painting as a birthday present for my boyfriend at the time for his 16th birthday.  Talking on the phone one night I told him that I was making him something for his birthday.  Now, he did not grow up with crafting in his home, so his reaction was a very negative sounding, "You're making me something?..."  I definitely got the impression that he was not impressed.  I think he might have been if he had ever seen it, but he never did.  I broke up with him a very short time later, before his birthday, and kept this painting for myself.  It hung in my room/home until our last move.  I've gotten a little burned out on blue, so it doesn't match any part of our home right now.
This painting was one I did during my college years before I was married.  A couple of my friends organized a very fun painting night for all of the girls in the student branch of our church at OU (The University of Oklahoma).  It was a blast!  They had gathered up several things to paint on, including a few squares of plywood like this one.  I painted this very casually and had a marvelous time doing it.  I also painted a little wooden chest, but I'm not sure where it is now.  Another friend painted another plywood square and it was also a marvelous painting.  This painting hangs in our dining room and was the inspiration for our current decorating scheme.
This is a cross-stitch that I made during my college years.  I worked on it off and on for about 6 years I think.  When I finished it my mom had it framed for me.  It was on a very small gauge cross-stitch fabric and is very detailed.  It turned out really beautifully.  It hangs in our hallway now.  I have very fond memories of watching my mom cross-stitch when I was little.  I was mesmorized by how the picture would come together just little bits at a time.  I loved seeing how a few little stitches gradually grew, color by color, into an animal, a landscape, a building, or whatever it was she was making.  It's like painting in thread and fabric.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of my early projects.  I would LOVE to see some of yours and hear about your crafty beginnings.  You can leave comments to this post, or you can post pictures and stories on my Facebook Fan page.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy crafting!

April :)


B's Stitch, the State Fair, and the giveaway

Hello all!  As promised I am going to tell you about the stitch pattern that my good friend B showed me.  It is pretty neat.  It winds up making alternating squares that look embossed and engraved into the fabric.
You start by making a foundation chain that has a total number of chains divisible by 6 + 5 more chains. 

R1- The first 3 chains form the first dc, dc in 4th ch from hook and in ea ch across. (If you prefer not working into foundation chs, then make a row of foundation double crochet and turn at the end).

R2- Ch 3, skp first dc, fpdc in next 2 dc, (dc in next 3 dc, fpdc in next 3 dc) across, turn.

R3- Ch 3, skp first dc, dc in next 2 dc, (fpdc in next 3 dc, dc in next 3 dc) across, turn.

Alternate repeating rows 2 and 3 to your heart's content!  Finish off when you get tired of stitching!

Cool huh?! and very easy.

So, in my crochet world today...I went to the State Fairgrounds to drop off 4 crochet items that I have entered in the State Fair creative arts competition.  I'll post again in a few weeks when I know the results of the judging.  I'm excited!

Also, remember that giveaway that I posted about a few weeks ago?  For a crochet hook case?  You get one point for each pattern purchase from my ravelry store or my etsy store?  And you also get one point for blogging about the giveaway on your own blog, and then telling me about it in a comment?  Well, I am sorry to say that NO ONE has gotten ANY points!  Now, I'm not entirely surprised.  I know that two patterns isn't much selection.  What I would like to point out though is that if you would like the hook case....your chances are pretty good if you get even one point since the opportunity to collect points ends at 11:59 CDT tonight.  Just sayin...
So, have a lovely weekend, and if you haven't already, spend a few minutes thinking about what happened on this day 9 years ago, and think of something you could do to bring a little more peace to the world...forgive someone, get over something that has been irritating you, say you're sorry, commit to tell someone you love them, decide to be nice to someone that you haven't been nice to previously, etc.

Happy crafting!

April :)


Hello blog readers! I have made a lot of progress today on my brand name changeover. More than I expected to. Hooray! So, where I stand right now is this:
Blog: you can continue to follow me on my previous blog or you can begin following me on this blog. I will update both for awhile, and then move exclusively to the new blog around the end of October.
Etsy: still at http://www.aprilcreates.etsy.com/
Ravelry profile: April Garwood (no change)
Ravelry pattern shop: now at www.ravelry.com/stores/banana-moon-studio
Facebook: now at Banana Moon Studio
Twitter: @BananaMoonStdio

I think that's all for now on that front. I so appreciate the support of all of my blog followers and hope that you will follow me on this next step of my craft adventure! I look forward to seeing all of you on my new blog very soon!

Happy stitching!

April :)

New Brand Name and Logo

Well, I'm ready to show you my new brand name and logo!  I am so excited about it.  The name is Banana Moon Studio.  I contemplated a lot of ideas and was very instrospective for awhile to come up with something that would be interesting and true to my personality.  While I was doing all this soul-searching I remembered one of my favorite memories.  When Drama Queen was maybe 18mos old we were driving home from my parents' house late one evening.  There was a yellow crescent moon in the sky.  DQ was sitting in her carseat in the backseat of our little Toyota Carola, which we no longer have.  She pointed out the window at the moon and said, "Beena", her word at the time for banana.  It wasn't in a really excited voice, she was just calmly pointing out that there was a banana in the sky.  When I remembered that it hit me that "Banana Moon" was a perfect name!  I thought at first "Banana Moon Stitches" or "Banana Moon Stitchery", but after an hour or so of thinking on it, I had it, "Banana Moon Studio"...Perfect! 
So, here is my new logo.  I love it!!!  I actually painted the colors onto a banana and then pressed it onto a sheet of paper.  The kids thought this was very funny.  Mommy doesn't usually do such silly things, afterall.  I used photo-editing software from http://www.picnik.com/ to perfect it and add the text (after scanning the dried painting of course).  I spoke to a lawyer about trademarking my name and logo.  It's rather pricey, which is what I expected, but I've got to wait until I get paid for some of my projects, which doesn't happen until they are actually out.  However, he said that actually getting it out there and using before I trademark it is good, because that way I will have a "date first used in commerce" to put on the paperwork when I fill it out.  So, here it is!  I would love to get your feedback on it!  What do you think?

I will begin tweeting  from my new twitter handle @bananamoonstdio very soon.  I will move my Etsy shop within a month to http://bananamoonstudio.etsy.com/, I will probably not change my blog though until late October.  I'll announce it here when I make each change.  I hope that I won't lose any of my loyal followers when I make all these changes.  Bytheway, my blog is already designed and set up, I just haven't posted anything yet.  You can check it out at http://bananamoonstudio.blogspot.com/.  I still have to rewrite the contact info on the two patterns that are for sale in my etsy and ravelry shops, and change the name of my ravelry pattern store.  So, there it's lots to do to make the change.  Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!

April :)



This picutre doesn't really have anything to do with this post (atleast, it didn't).  I was just going to post it so you'd have something cute to look at, but now that I've posted it....I took my girls to the pediatrician today.  Three of them and one of me (it's a good thing there aren't more of me, but then again, if there were, maybe I'd get more done ;) ) have had the sniffles for the last week or two.  Drama Queen and Baby have sinus infections :( poor girls.  I probably have one too, but I'm not sure that it's anything worse than allergies yet, so I'm holding off on taking myself to the Dr.

Anyway, there is a sweet woman that I go to church with who goes by B.  She crochets, mostly baby blankets.  She saw me carrying around Baby's blankie at church one day and was intrigued by the stitch.  We decided to get together sometime to swap stitch secrets.

Here is the blankie that she was excited about.  The yellow squares are made with a "loop stitch" or "fur stitch".  It is made by working rows of sc.  On the wrong side rows you loop the working yarn around your finger or a dowl or knitting needle to make the loop, then work a ch, and then work the sc, so there is one loop for each sc.  The bluish purple squares are worked in a lace stitch.  You can find this pattern on crochetme.com, where I published it for free.  It is called "Snugglie Crochet Quilt". 

In the next few days I will take a picture of the little swatch I made of the stitch that B showed me and share it with you.  I would love to see pics and explanations of the neat stitches that you know.  Be sure though that your post doesn't violate anyone's copyright, so, put the instructions in your own writing, rather than copying word for word from a book.  You can post instructions in a comment here, or a pic and instructions on my Facebook page.  I look forward to seeing your stitches! 

And now, it is late, and I need to get to bed.  I'm hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!

April :)


Freebie for blog readers!

I worked a little yesterday and today on a digital freebie for those that make purchases from my etsy shop.  I've decided to give the freebie to all of my blog readers as well!  Lucky you!  Just leave a comment on this post with your email address or email me at aprilcreates @ att.net and I'll send it to you.  Easy!  It's a .pdf file, so you'll have to have Adobe Acrobat to download and use it.  It's a yarn-inspired list (as in, a page with blank lines all over it for you to write stuff on).  There are two sheets to a regular size page.  You can cut them apart and use them as a to-do list, grocery list, project list, notepad, etc.  I hope you enjoy them!

I got an email from Marcy Smith, Editor of Interweave Crochet today!  I love getting emails from her, because it usually means that I'm getting something published (She's also very nice, so that's even better).  This had to do with my Chain Reaction Afghan block.  I'll let you know when it's out!  I have to get the finished square ready for mailing, finish up and email the pattern, and stitch on a self-publish project today.  What will you be crafting today?  You can post pictures and tell me about your projects on my Facebook Fan page: April Creates.

Happy crafting!

April :)


Happy Day :)

My friends Alpaca, Merino, Silk, and Cotton have arrived for a play date and it is sure to be lots of fun.  Lots of work to do today.  I love it!

Happy stitching all!

April :)


Great Book, Change, Pineapple, and a Project

Two days ago, Tuesday that it is, I went to "Back-to-School" Night at Drama Queen's school.  Afterward, I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to get some time to myself.  I went to Barnes & Noble, one of my very favorite places.  I got some new preschool workbooks for Princess, which she needed.  I then went to browse the craft section.  It is always interesting to me to see what books have come out recently from designers that I know of.  I was AWED by Kristin Omdahl's new book Croceht So Fine.  Some of the projects were remarkable.  Then, I happened to spot this book:
This is an excellent book that I am really enjoying.  Great to read if you want to sell your crafts!  I am about halfway through it already.  I am feeling very inspired and energized about things with my business.  One of the sections is about branding-coming up with an image and feel for your business and how you convey that in your materials.  This has inspired me to begin to make some changes.  I have thought for awhile now, that my trade name, "April Creates" is rather dull.  I chose it because it conveys to me why I am making a business out of my hobby.  I was very inspired a couple of years back by a church meeting that I went to.  One of our general leaders was speaking specifically to women.  He encouraged us to be creative in order to find happiness.  He said that being creative makes us like God in a small way.  It allows us to improve the world both around us and within us.  A quote from that message is in my banner at the top of my blog.  I have hesitated to change my trade name for a couple reasons: 1) the time and effort involved, 2) concern that I might lose some of my followers in the process, and 3) not wanting to lose sight of the importance I place on creating things and what it means to me.  However, I also feel that in order to do business well, a name and an image that excites others, and makes me feel good about that image, is essential.  I've concluded that just like mistakes in my crochet, this is going to keep nagging at me until I fix it, and it's better to make the change now as it will be even more work the longer I wait.  So, there are changes coming.  I want to get everything set up just right before I unveil my new trade name.  I'd really like to get that and my logo, which I started on today (that was great fun!), trademarked/registered before using them so that I can be sure no one else will use them.  So, it will be a bit before you see the changes, but I will post all the details here before making the switch to a new blog and etsy store, etc.  I am also feeling excited again about the prospect of selling finished items.  This is something I started out doing last year, but pulled back in favor of just selling patterns.  I really like the idea though of doing both.  However, the accounting is more complicated for selling finished items, and this aspect of business is SOOOOOO stressful to me.  I think that I need to either invest in bookkeeping software, or hire a bookkeeper to help me set things up before I get started down that vein again.

Yesterday I loaded up my 3 youngest and went grocery shopping, the most dreaded chore of my week.  We bought some fresh pineapple.  It was on sale.  I LOVE fresh pineapple, but I don't buy it very often.  It is one of those things that I always get when it is available at social events and buffets.  It is one of those great summer fruits I enjoy.  I also love cherries and cantaloupe.  Does anyone have any great summer fruit recipes that I should try out before the summer fruits are gone for the season?  I chopped ours up today and had some for lunch.  Yummy!  Lady Hops-a-lot had some too, but not much.  The other girls weren't very impressed by the sight of it.  I thought it was wonderful!
I also have a little sneak peek here of the design project I have been working on for a couple months now.  I am mostly likely going to self-publish this one, because I am itching to get a paying project out.  I took this picture sitting right here at my computer, where I often sit when I work.  I also frequently work sitting up in bed, and at the dining room table.

Well, Lady Hops-a-lot, and Princess are chasing each other, and Baby is just about to get up from a nap.  Drama Queen's bus will be here soon.  So, I might get in a few more rounds, but then it's off to my Mommy duties.

Happy stitching all!

April :)

PS-don't forget about the crochet hook case giveaway going on now through Sept. 11 for International Crochet Day!  Details here: http://aprilcreates.blogspot.com/2010/08/international-crochet-day-giveaway.html