Hello blog readers! I have made a lot of progress today on my brand name changeover. More than I expected to. Hooray! So, where I stand right now is this:
Blog: you can continue to follow me on my previous blog or you can begin following me on this blog. I will update both for awhile, and then move exclusively to the new blog around the end of October.
Etsy: still at http://www.aprilcreates.etsy.com/
Ravelry profile: April Garwood (no change)
Ravelry pattern shop: now at www.ravelry.com/stores/banana-moon-studio
Facebook: now at Banana Moon Studio
Twitter: @BananaMoonStdio

I think that's all for now on that front. I so appreciate the support of all of my blog followers and hope that you will follow me on this next step of my craft adventure! I look forward to seeing all of you on my new blog very soon!

Happy stitching!

April :)

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