My blog has moved! I've moved my blog to my website! You can now view all of my blog posts at Going forward, new posts will only be on my website, so you'll want to be sure to bookmark my new site, and sign up for my newsletter so that you don't miss a thing! See you there!


Hello blog readers! I have made a lot of progress today on my brand name changeover. More than I expected to. Hooray! So, where I stand right now is this:
Blog: you can continue to follow me on my previous blog or you can begin following me on this blog. I will update both for awhile, and then move exclusively to the new blog around the end of October.
Etsy: still at
Ravelry profile: April Garwood (no change)
Ravelry pattern shop: now at
Facebook: now at Banana Moon Studio
Twitter: @BananaMoonStdio

I think that's all for now on that front. I so appreciate the support of all of my blog followers and hope that you will follow me on this next step of my craft adventure! I look forward to seeing all of you on my new blog very soon!

Happy stitching!

April :)

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