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This picutre doesn't really have anything to do with this post (atleast, it didn't).  I was just going to post it so you'd have something cute to look at, but now that I've posted it....I took my girls to the pediatrician today.  Three of them and one of me (it's a good thing there aren't more of me, but then again, if there were, maybe I'd get more done ;) ) have had the sniffles for the last week or two.  Drama Queen and Baby have sinus infections :( poor girls.  I probably have one too, but I'm not sure that it's anything worse than allergies yet, so I'm holding off on taking myself to the Dr.

Anyway, there is a sweet woman that I go to church with who goes by B.  She crochets, mostly baby blankets.  She saw me carrying around Baby's blankie at church one day and was intrigued by the stitch.  We decided to get together sometime to swap stitch secrets.

Here is the blankie that she was excited about.  The yellow squares are made with a "loop stitch" or "fur stitch".  It is made by working rows of sc.  On the wrong side rows you loop the working yarn around your finger or a dowl or knitting needle to make the loop, then work a ch, and then work the sc, so there is one loop for each sc.  The bluish purple squares are worked in a lace stitch.  You can find this pattern on, where I published it for free.  It is called "Snugglie Crochet Quilt". 

In the next few days I will take a picture of the little swatch I made of the stitch that B showed me and share it with you.  I would love to see pics and explanations of the neat stitches that you know.  Be sure though that your post doesn't violate anyone's copyright, so, put the instructions in your own writing, rather than copying word for word from a book.  You can post instructions in a comment here, or a pic and instructions on my Facebook page.  I look forward to seeing your stitches! 

And now, it is late, and I need to get to bed.  I'm hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!

April :)

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