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Giveaway Winner and Voting Results

Well, the mint green received the most votes.  Don't they look cute?!  This was my favorite choice too.  Four people voted, but one of them was my sister.  She can have copies of my patterns whenever, so I didn't enter her name in the drawing.  So, the winner is..................Kari!  Kari, if you will email me at bananamoonstudio (at) (take out the spaces and use the @ sign of course) with the 2 patterns you would like from my etsy shop, or my ravelry pattern store, then I will send them to you as soon as possible.  Yay for Kari!

I did put a pair of buttons on the mittens last week, pale blue ones, to take pictures for the pattern.  I used that color because it is a close match to one of the colors offered in the suggested yarn.  I put the green ones on this morning to show to everyone and I like them a lot!  They are so cute!  Now I have to decide what to do with the mittens.  Sell them? Give them as a gift to someone? Give them to charity?  Do another giveaway?  I haven't quite decided...

I received the beautiful Plymouth Yarns Suri Merino that I requested.  They were so nice and sent me an extra skein.  So, I've been working on finishing the stitching on that project.  Almost done!  I plan to take pictures this weekend, and get the pattern up early next week.  Let's hope I run on time!

Also, the call for patterns for Interweave's Fall 2011 issue came out recently, so I have been pondering what to submit for that.  Submissions are due late November.  I also started on 2 more designs while waiting for the Suri Merino to arrive, and made a few more pairs of baby mittens.  Today, I have a date with my girls to go to the library and grocery shopping (ugghh!  I detest grocery shopping!)

Happy crafting everyone!

April :)

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