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The Reveal

At long last I can show you the pictures of my latest published design!  This is "Avery's Wavy Scarf" from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2010
These pictures are all of the ones taken by Interweave Crochet for the magazine (copyright Interweave Crochet).  Below is the sneak peek picture that I showed you several months ago.

This accessories issue is awesome!  You can check out the full preview at  I'd love to hear what your favorites are.  There are a ton of great patterns in this issue.  It's not included in subscriptions, so you'll have to go to your LYS or a nearby bookstore to get it, but you won't want to go without it!

I finished making some swatches last night for a new project and started stitching the model for my next pattern to self-publish.  This one will be fairly quick and easy, so I hope to have the pattern available within a month.  I need to block and photograph my swatches today and work some more on stitching this next project.  I've also been working diligently on getting my accounting books all set up -- a necessary evil that comes with designing and selling things.  Two of my girls, Princess and Baby, have been sick with a virus (high fevers and hurting tummies) the last 2 1/2 days.  I've had a very snugglie baby sitting in my lap for most of that time, so it was a good time to have computer work to do, although it would have gone faster with 2 hands available.  Oh well, snugglie babies are awfully nice!  Well, it's going to be a beautiful day!

Happy crafting!

April :)

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