"New" Design - Roserock Ripple Scarf

This beautiful scarf is called "Roserock Ripple Scarf".  It is a beaded scarf crocheted in a chevron stitch alternated with rows of a chevron mesh that I developed.  I stitched the beads into every third ch-sp throughout the mesh.  I used Jojoland Melody, a 100% wool.  This yarn has beautiful subtle color changes throughout the skein that make this scarf even more beautiful.  It is not an extremely soft wool, but it is very pretty.  This is a fingering weight yarn.  The pattern is now available for $3.00 in my Etsy shop, and in my Ravelry Pattern store.  Every purchase is going towards my saving up to attend the Knit and Crochet Show in Minneapolis in July. 

I actually made this scarf last June.  I submitted it for publication in a magazine last June and never heard anything back from them.  Tired of waiting, I respectfully withdrew my desgin a few days ago, and it is now available for all of you!

This pattern stitch was one that I originally envisioned for a different design, that I am just now beginning to make.  One of the owners of my LYS suggested a long time ago that I use that pattern stitch for a beaded scarf.  That was pure genius!  I'm not sure that I would've thought of it myself, but look how it turned out -- just lovely!  A big thanks to Margaret of Gourmet Yarn Co. in Oklahoma City for such a great idea!

I hope that you all enjoy this pattern, and if anyone makes it, I would love to see pictures!

Happy crocheting!

April :)


Snow Storm

Hi readers!  Happy Thursday to you all!  I don't have any new crochet goodness to show you this week.  I made something as a baby gift for a friend of mine, but I don't want to post any pictures until after her baby shower -- wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.  I've also been working on my current design project, ordered yarn for another design and some submission swatches, and listed a few new pairs of baby mittens in the Etsy shop.  I've also worked a bit on a bolero to add to the Etsy shop.  The 2 front panels are done; I'm now working on the back panel.  Sometime very soon I'm going to have to do January's financials, and get my taxes done.

Since I don't have crochet to show you, here are some of my pics from the winter snowstorm we had this week.  I imagine that many of you also got some snow out of this storm. 
A drift outside of this window came up about a foot above the window ledge.  The snow you see right up against the window is actually snow that got blown in through the screen and got trapped there.  The drift isn't quite that high.

Here's one view of our backyard.

This side of the backyard was covered with a very large drift.  You can see our compost enclosure, the kids' picnic table, and the handle of their toy shopping cart all buried by snow to varying degrees.

Mr AC's grill had a snow drift up about 2/3 the height of the legs, and one of the girls' camping chairs was pretty snowy looking.

Happy crocheting this week, and stay warm!

April :)