Broomstick Lace

I tried out Broomstick Lace for the first time a couple weeks ago.  This is a swatch I made of it.  It was interesting to try, and it's very pretty.  My hands were a little clumsy at managing everything.  I think it would've helped to have an actual broomstick needle.  I was just using a metal rod I had that is part of the basinet that came with our playpen.  Random, I know, but it got the job done.  I looked for broomstick needles at Hobby Lobby and didn't see any, so I'll have to look elsewhere for them.  Anyway, it went pretty well and wasn't too difficult, but you can probably see that my foundation chain was longer than the rows.  I think I was too tight on my single crocher rows into the loops because I was trying to hold onto everything and was not loose and relaxed enough.  Anyway, it was fun to try, and I'm sure it will get better with practice.

I know I haven't posted in a long time.  I'm sorry to not have much to say, but unfortunately, I don't get to share exciting news as soon as I know about it, so you all have to wait until the exciting news is "out".  I hope that you are all having a lovely spring!

Happy crocheting!

April :)


His Sacred Name - An Easter Declaration

Happy Easter everyone! Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God. He died for our sins and was resurrected 3 days later, so that we might repent of our sins, and be blessed with eternal life!



 These are the newest addition to my Etsy shop - Pompoms!  For a long time I've wanted to by some of the Clover pompom makers to give me something to do with my leftover yarn.  Yes, you can make pompoms without them, but they make it so much easier to make nice-looking ones.  I made several yesterday.  My kids were fascinated!  This group of 7 is the first pompom listing in my Etsy shop.  This set is $9.95.

Over the weekend I crocheted a ballet shrug for Princess.  It turned out really cute, but I don't have any pictures of her wearing it yet, so I'll
have to post those next week. 

I've also been working on design #1, the stitching part of it - I finished the writing all except the fussy formatting and checking the math.  I really want to be done with this design, but I'm having to put it down for awhile to work on submission swatches that are due on May 1st.  Also, I'll have a project with a deadline starting as soon as the yarn gets here, which I expect any day now.

I'm curious, what kinds of crochet designs are wishing for?  What would you like to see crochet designers coming up with?  I'd love to hear your comments!

Thank you for visiting, and happy crafting!

April :)