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Knit & Crochet Show Homework Part 1

I am excitedly preparing for my first trip to The Knit & Crochet Show in just a few weeks!  A couple of my classes require "homework".  One of the classes that I am taking is going to cover Tunisian Entrelac.  This is a crochet method that involves using Tunisian crochet, which differs from standard crochet in that as you work each stitch across a row, you pull up a loop from each stitch and leave it on the hook, then you work back across the row working each of those loops off the hook.
The Tunisian Simple Stitch produces a fabric that looks like this (above).  There are variations on this basic stitch that involve putting your hook through a different part of the stitches in the rows below.  Tunisian Entrelac uses the Tunisian Simple Stitch to work small squares off of the sides of previous squares.  I haven't done it, and don't know exactly how, but I am looking forward to trying it out.  I've ordered some wool yarn to use for this class so that I can felt my project afterward.  My homework was to review the Tunisian Simple Stitch.  Since I've done very little with Tunisian crochet, I figured that would be a good idea.  I'll definitely show you the results when I'm finished!  Here is a close-up of the swatch above. 

It has a different look to it than standard crochet.  I am also taking some other classes and I'll post some other homework pictures later.  I am also preparing a portfolio to take to the Designer/Editor meet and greet that is on Saturday.  That particular event is one that both excites and scares me.  There is a potential that I could come out of that meeting with one or more contracts for designs to be published.  I can hardly wait!

Happy crocheting!

April :)

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