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Funny kids and a Box of Yarn

 Here is Drama Queen chaining.  She has been pretty excited about chaining lately and has made 4 long chains.  One has been made into a necklace for me, and the others she has used to decorate the walls of her room.  I am so excited that she is excited about crocheting.  For a couple of years now since I tried showing her how to crochet she has not liked it and gotten frustrated with it.  But now, she loves to chain -- success!

The past two days she and Princess have been playing an extended game of Barbies together.  A couple fun(ny) things have come out of that, both happened yesterday.  At one point in the morning I heard Drama Queen say, "She's turned into a wolf with a mermaid tail that flies she looks a little different."  My thought was, "A little different....?"  I had a hard time not laughing about that.  Drama Queen's imagination is quite something.  The other fun development is that the two of them have, as part of their game, been using paper to design clothing for the Barbies.  Drama Queen came to me with a dress she had created for the Ariel doll they have.  There were straps for the dress, but no sleeves.  She told me that she was bothered that she couldn't figure out how to make a good sleeve -- one that would cover the shoulder and actually touch the strap she had made.  She was wrapping a bit of paper around the arm, but noticed the gap between that and the strap.  I was excited that she asked that question.  I drew out a rough flat pattern for a tiny sleeve, with a sleeve cap -- the solution to her woes.  She still didn't get it until we cut it out, taped it around Barbie's arm, and then taped the sleeve cap to the strap.  She was very impressed at how that sleeve cap did the trick!  So glad that all it takes to be a "cool" mom in her eyes right now is knowledge about sleeve caps ;)
This very nice box arrived today via the UPS man.  When he rang the doorbell my girls got very excited about getting a package, as they always do.  As I accepted it they were all asking in chorus, "What is it, what is it?!"  I looked at the return address to be sure and then told them that it was yarn for me.  Princess responded with, "Yarn, yarn, yarn, that's all we ever get and it's not exciting!"  I laughed because obviously, I think it's exciting, and we're probably going to get a whole lot more of it within a very short time frame :)  When I opened up the package and showed it to her she was however very excited about it because she thought it was pretty and begged me to make her something.  I told her what it was for, which I can't tell you all until the pattern gets published.  This is the first box of yarn to show up as a result of my trip to Minneapolis.  It should be the first of many that result from that trip.  I opened this box up on the kitchen counter where this picture was taken.  I considered moving the box to a more tidy location in my home for the picture.  However, I really like being real with people.  So, I left it where it was.  You now know, that my house is not spotless.  Don't worry though, the whole house isn't like this, I do actually clean and pick-up, and "torture" my children by making them clean-up.  On the breakfast bar to the right of the box you may notice my felted bowl, which I haven't found a good place for yet.  It is sitting on top of the book from my giveaway.  I haven't heard from the winner yet, so Astrid, if you read this, you won the book and I need you to send your address to me at bananamoonstudio @ att . net.  The other crochet-related thing in this picture is the skein of yarn you see also on the bar that is dark blue.  It is actually a variegated skein of malabrigo sock yarn that I sat down to make a scarf with last night.  The pattern of the scarf was getting completely lost in the variegated colors, so I ripped it out and decided to make socks instead.  I've never made a pair of crochet socks, or knit socks for that matter.  However, my roommate at the Knit & Crochet Show, Patsy Harbor, has designed some socks that were published in Interweave Crochet, and so after meeting her I felt inspired to try a pair of socks.  So, I started the Adirondack Sock that she designed and it looks fantastic so far!  The colors of the yarn are working out fabulously with this pattern!  I'd go take a picture for you right now, but I don't think it would turn out so well since the house is pitch black.

Now, you very observant people may notice the time stamp on this post and realize that I was awake at a very unusual hour.  Well, that's frustrating.  I was very good and went to bed about 10:30, quite a bit earlier than usual for me.  However, we had a doosey of a thunderstorm that woke me up around 12:45 and I haven't been able to sleep since.  The getting up three times to comfort the kids and check the news didn't help either.  Despite the sleeplessness, I am so grateful for the rain!  We have been in an awful drought for quite awhile, so I'll take it!  Since waking up, my mind has been swimming with design details, lyrics to a song from the movie "Tangled", and blog post ideas.  So, at least, I've gotten one of those written down and out of my head.  Now maybe, I can sleep.

Happy crochet dreams everyone!

April :) 

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