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Crochet Lei, blog post by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio

 My very fortunate parents just returned from a cruise to Hawaii and back.  They had lots of fun, went snorkling, and brought back souvenirs for their only slightly less-fortunate children and grand-children.  My parents brought back a silk flower lei for each of my girls and two cans of macadamia nuts for us.  My parents each took a class or two while on the ship.  My mom took one on crocheting leis!  Now, my mom knows the basics of crochet, but she is primarily a knitter and quilter, so this was pretty big for her to take a crochet class.  She made one of these beautiful leis for myself and each of my 3 sisters.  Aren't they beautiful?!  I was very impressed!

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500 X 100 

The "flowers" are a variegated nylon cord worked in a string of popcorn stitches.  Here are a couple of options I found to order it online, but maybe not in this exact colorway:

Omega thread from Annie's

Various brands from Amazon

The "grass" is green eyelash yarn worked into the backs of the popcorns. I found green eyelash yarn on Amazon:

Various brands from Amazon

Isn't that clever?  I'll have to find a way to use this idea in my designing somewhere...maybe as a unique edging???  She showed me another one that she bought rather than made in which the popcorn/grass combo was worked around an inner cord of somekind in a spiral so that it wrapped around it.  This made a thicker lei.  The one my mom made for me has 2 strands to it that she twisted together a little.  I think she said it is actually one long strand, but you skip a few chains in there to make a spot to tie on the closures.  The "beads" used in the closure are some variety of nut that she informed me is also used as a natural laxative in Hawaii....nice....

Crochet Lei, blog post by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio
A little more close-up pic

I am glad that my parents got to enjoy their cruise together.  I wanted to share this interesting use of crochet with you.

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Aloha, and happy crocheting!

April :)


  1. do you have better directions on how to make this, i'm a little new to crochet like this, but i think it is beautiful, would love some help

    1. Unfortunately, no, I don't have better instructions. My mom took this class on her cruise, and since she isn't a very knowledgeable crocheted, she wasn't really able to give me something exact. I think it is something like a long chain of the variegated nylon cord, then work back across that in maybe an sc3tog. Then you fasten that off and do sc of the green eyelash yarn along the bottom side of the chain. Maybe if you tinker with it you can figure it out. Best wishes, April.