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Scarves by Sue

Sue from Washington recently emailed me this picture of scarves she has made from my pattern "Roserock Ripple Scarf".  She bought the pattern from me on Etsy and tells me she is now on her fifth one!  They look great!  I was so glad she sent me this picture!  Nothing makes me feel as good as seeing that people actually make things from my patterns -- and beautiful things at that!

Here is my original scarf:
It is worked in Jojoland Melody, a fingering weight wool. 

This scarf has an interesting history, so I'll share it.  A few years ago, when I was just beginning to design, I had the idea of making a little girls' swimsuit cover-up in this same stitch pattern.  The rows would be vertical when it was worn.  I submitted this idea to one magazine and it was not accepted.  I was dissappointed because I thought it was a really cute idea!  Anyway I went to meet and talk to one of the co-owners of my LYS.  We talked about my working on a design for which they would sell the pattern in their store.  I showed her the swatch and sketch for that swimsuit cover-up.  She didn't have an interest in that pattern, but she really liked the stitch pattern and said, "That would make a great beaded scarf."  So, thanks go to Margaret of Gourmet Yarn Co. for the great idea!  I didn't do anything else with the idea for quite awhile.  But, the next Christmas...2009 I think, my mom gave me two skeins of this Jojoland yarn.  Their yarns always surprise me.  The skein looked pink and green from the outside.  I didn't realize that it would be more red than anything with varying degrees of pink, purple, and brown in it.  June of 2010, as Mr. AC and I drove to Tulsa for a Michael Buble concert, I made the beaded scarf and LOVED it!  Coincidentally, it was while we were in Tulsa that I checked my email to find that Interweave Crochet wanted to publish my "Spring Creek Jumper".  So, back to the scarf -- I submitted the idea to a magazine and for 6 months waited patiently and never got any response.  I finally emailed them and withdrew the submission and self-published this pattern.  So, all's well that ends well. 

Happy crocheting today, and Merry Christmas!

April :)


  1. You should self publish the swimsuit cover up too. It would make a cute swimsuit cover up pattern.

  2. Thanks Linda! I may just do that some day... :)