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Happy Mother's Day!

I got a FANTASTIC Mother's Day gift!  Mr. AC got me a Namste project  bag big enough for even an afghan project.  It is true red with lots of perfectly placed and sized pockets.  Those zippered pockets on the front are perfect for my fingerless therapeutic gloves, my crochet hook, scissors, etc.  There is a pocket on the other side that is the perfect size for a pattern.  There is so much room in this bag that I can carry all my hooks in here, including my book tunisian hooks that didn't have a good home before.  What you can see inside of there is some Berroco Lustra in electric blue that I am using to make the Purple Mist Kimono Sweater by Tammy Hildebrand.  I am actually making something for myself!

Well, I was so excited to get this gift from Mr. AC.  I also got some nice gifts from my kids, and Mr. AC did lots of cooking and cleaning over the weekend.  I also got to go to Knit-in at my LYS on Saturday.  It was a great, relaxing weekend.

I hope that all of you moms out there had a great, relaxing Mother's Day weekend as well.  Happy Mother's Day!

April :)


Front Cable or Behind Cable?

I received a question on my "Spring Creek Jumper Pleats" post about what the difference is between a "Front Cable" and a "Behind Cable".  So, I made this video to show the difference.  My apologies for it's imperfections, but I think that it is good enough to show the necessary points.

Now, I like to keep it real, so I'll tell you something humorous.  I was trying to find a good place to do this video.  My kids were busy watching a "Doodle Bops" video they checked out from the library...and well, aside from being very irritating, it doesn't make good background noise for a crochet how-to video. So, I tried outside, but the light was too bright.  So, I took my set-up into my bathroom and faced the door in a chair.  It was quiet, with the right amount of light and a white background.  So, you can think of me sitting in a chair in my bathroom trying to manage a decent video.

Happy crocheting!