Front Cable or Behind Cable?

I received a question on my "Spring Creek Jumper Pleats" post about what the difference is between a "Front Cable" and a "Behind Cable".  So, I made this video to show the difference.  My apologies for it's imperfections, but I think that it is good enough to show the necessary points.

Now, I like to keep it real, so I'll tell you something humorous.  I was trying to find a good place to do this video.  My kids were busy watching a "Doodle Bops" video they checked out from the library...and well, aside from being very irritating, it doesn't make good background noise for a crochet how-to video. So, I tried outside, but the light was too bright.  So, I took my set-up into my bathroom and faced the door in a chair.  It was quiet, with the right amount of light and a white background.  So, you can think of me sitting in a chair in my bathroom trying to manage a decent video.

Happy crocheting!


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