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Family Trip to Florida

Greetings to you from Florida!  I'm not actually in Florida right now, but I was a few weeks ago.  This is my family visiting Daytona Beach, FL.  We drove 2 1/2 days to Tampa, FL and visited my good friend and fellow designer, Patsy Harbor.  We met at The Knit & Crochet Show last summer, where we were roommates.  We'll be rooming together again in just a few weeks for this year's show in Manchester, NH.  After spending the afternoon and night there, we drove to Orlando the next morning and spent the day at Disney World's Magic Kingdom, hence the mickey ears on Baby.  The next day we drove to Daytona and spend 3 days visiting Mr. AC's grandma and great-aunt, and going to the beach.  We had a really great time!

While on our trip I tried to find a yarn store.  I could not find one in Daytona Beach!  There was a Michael's, which, sometimes is what you want, but I wanted a specialty shop.  I'm kind of a fiber snob, and Mr. AC has become something of a fiber snob too.  He really loves BBQ, and made this analogy, as I was complaining about only finding craft and sewing stores instead of a yarn shop: "That's like asking for good BBQ and being told to go to McDonald's for a McRib!"  Ha!  That was funny!  I was really hoping to find some yarn from a local spinner or dyer.  I finally found a yarn store that was open as we were driving home through Memphis, TN.  It was called Yarniverse, and everyone was very nice.  They didn't have any locally made or dyed yarns though.  However, I had fun picking out this Malabrigo Rasta (above) and the Prism Athena (cotton/nylon) below.  I'm thinking of maybe a stole with the Rasta.  The Athena seemed to be a really nice yarn for a warm weather garment, and I got a call for submissions for next Spring while we were on our trip.  Maybe I'll find the time to swatch with it in time for the deadline???

A week before our family vacation, Mr. AC was on a business trip in Santa Fe, NM and found a yarn store to buy the yarn below for me.  He went to Oodles Yarn & Bead Gallery and got this Dyelot Yarn Tango (100% bamboo) for me.  I'm thinking of a shawlette or bandit scarf for this.  Mr. AC was at a conference for the petroleum industry and got to present a paper there.  I am so proud of him!

What fun vacation plans do you have for the summer?  What would you make with these yarns?  I'd love to hear about it!

Happy stitching!

April :)


  1. Beautiful yarns! We are crafting a lot this summer at our house. I have crocheted for many years until my wrist just wasn't the same anymore. I need to try picking it up again though.

  2. Thanks Caren! I understand the wrist problems! I usually wear therapeutic fingerless gloves while crocheting to help protect my wrists. But, sometimes just a good long break can get them back into shape. Happy crafting!