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Halloween Crochet

I was asked to design three crochet patterns for Coats & Clark for Halloween.  These are all costume pieces.  This first one is "Cape For a Princess".  I made this a collared, lacy-edged cape.  I had Snow White's cape in mind as I was designing this, though I didn't make the collar stick up like hers did.  Neck circumference is 17" and length is 34".  It is made in Red Heart Super Saver.  This is a downloadable FREE pattern you can find on Red Heart's website.

This pattern, "Tiara for a Princess" is the second  costume design.  I made a beaded edging so that it could be a "jeweled" crown.  The crown will fit up to 20" head circumference.  It has velcro in the back so that it can grow with your child.  This is made in Red Heart Super Saver.  This is also a downloadable FREE pattern!

If you are going vampire this Halloween, or making a costume piece for someone else that is going vampire, this "Vampire Ascot" may be the perfect old-fashioned touch for your costume.  The ascot measures 7"x44" and is made in Red Heart Heart & Sole.  It is fairly easy, just many rows of the same lacy stitch pattern.  This is also a downloadable FREE pattern.

I made these designs early this summer, and shipped them to Coats & Clark just before leaving for the Knit & Crochet Show in June.

Will you be crocheting for Halloween?  Tell me all about it here, or post comments and pics on my Facebook page!  I'd love to see your projects!

Happy Stitching!

April :)

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