Hurricane Sandy Donation

From now through Nov. 19th I will be donating 100% of the purchase price of every purchase in my Ravelry Store and my Etsy Shop.  On the 20th, I'll total up the amount and donate all of it to The Red Cross to help with the relief effort for the hurricane victims.  I hope you'll help me to help them.  To all those affected, I am so sorry for the difficulties in your life at this time!  I am hoping for a quick recovery for everyone involved!

Happy Stitching!

April :)


New Pictures and Family Time

I actually did my hair and make-up today, so I took some time to get some updated pictures of my "Roserock Ripple Scarf" and my "Sugar Plum Neckwarmer".  By the way, I also go my hair cut short again this week.  I just really prefer it short.  I have promised myself to keep it short by actually getting it trimmed regularly.

The "Roserock Ripple Scarf" has been a really successful design and I am so glad for that.  I really love this scarf.  It is beaded, with the beads strung onto the yarn before you begin stitching.  It is made in a sock-weight yarn, and is a perfect design for the awesome self-striping sock yarn that you have in your stash, or have been drooling over at your LYS.

The "Sugar Plum Neckwarmer" can be warn as a cowl or as a scarf.  It is made with a smooth worsted weight yarn and a ruffle yarn such as Red Heart Boutique Ribbons.  This is a sparkly, ruffly, dressy, fun accessory.  I've seen ruffle yarns used to make the basic ruffle scarf, and those are fun, but I've had fun exploring other uses for it, and this is the first idea that came to mind.

Both of these patterns are available for $4.00 each in my Ravelry Pattern Store, and in my Etsy Shop.

While I was trying to take these pictures in my back yard, this is what Mr. AC and the girls were up to. Mr. AC has been gone for 2 weeks for work, so it has been so nice to have a nice family day today.  I'm so glad for the beautiful weather and a wonderful family!  I am so blessed!

What are stitching today?  If you are working from one of my patterns, I'd love to see pictures on my Facebook page!

Happy stitching!

April :)

Off-topic: Happy Autumn!

This week I enjoyed taking my girls out trick-or-treating for Halloween.  I'm not big on Halloween...I don't care for all the gruesome, creepy stuff.  However, I help the girls get dressed up in cute and pretty costumes instead of scary, yucky costumes, and take them out to trick-or-treat.  So, clockwise from the back left are Princess (Merida, from Disney's Brave), Drama Queen (Cleopatra), Lady Hops-A-Lot (butterfly), and Baby (an unnamed, but very cute princess).

They had lots of fun and are enjoying a few pieces of candy each day since then.

Happy Stitching!

April :)