How to Yarn Bomb Your Garden

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Introducing the "Ring Around the Rosy Cozy" from the March/April 2013 issue of Crochet Today!.  I was asked by the editor, Theresa Gonzalez, to design a flower pot cozy for this issue and she definitely wanted a flower motif as part of it.

How did I do?

I came up with my own version of a mosaic stitch pattern for the bottom portion.  It uses a shell stitch instead of straight sc or dc.  I'm really happy with how it came out, and I love their pictures!  Visitors to the Garwood home are very likely to see something like this adorning some pots in our front yard this summer.

The yarn is Red Heart Soft in #4600 White, #9870 Deep Sea, and #9779 Berry.  The cozy is designed to fit a flower pot that is about 6" tall with a bottom diameter around 3 1/4" and top diameter around 6".  I would love to see pictures of finished flower pot cozies on my facebook page or on Ravelry.

How is your winter going?  Are you already stitching for Spring?  What are you working on?

Happy Stitching!



Mega Crochet Tour

March is National Crochet Month and Crochetville is organizing a Mega Blog Tour of crochet designers.  Yours Truly will be the stop (or maybe one of the stops) on March 20th.  I'll be posting more as time goes on and we get closer to the month and day.  I haven't decided yet what to post about that day, but I'm thinking up ideas.  Any suggestions?

You can read all about it on Crochetville's blog.

I thought I'd also share a recent finished project.  This was not my own design.  I saw this in the Winter 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet and loved it!  It is called "Art Nouveau Bullion Necklace" by Donna Kay Lacey.  I haven't made anything in thread in years -- many, years.  I was so inspired by this that I made it.  I used thread and beads that I already had in my stash.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Happy Stitching!




For Christmas this year I asked for, and received, a spindle -- I got 2 in fact!  The one pictured above was from my mom.  It is a medium-weight, high- or low-whorl one that I think will make a good multi-purpose spindle.  My oldest sister got me a low-whorl, comparatively heavy, rim-weighted spindle that I think will be perfect for making worsted to chunky yarn.

When I got them I knew very little about spinning and spindles.  I ordered and have read most of Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont, and published by Interweave.  This book was very helpful.  I had watched a few videos on youtube that helped me figure out the gist of it, but reading this book gave me the confidence to go forward.  I felt reassured that even though my yarn seemed extremely twisty, this was probably okay.  I learned about what to do once my spindle was full and many other tips and background information.

Once my spindle was full I used my swift to make a skein.  I tied it in four places, washed it, and hung it over a hanger in my shower with a weighted bag hung from the bottom to block some of that curliness out of it.

Here is my finished skein!  I have made a lot of things, but really, of everything I have made I got a sense of satisfaction out of this that really surpassed other experiences.  There was something very special to me about taking the fiber and turning it into yarn, which I can use.  I am not sure how many yards of yarn I made, but I started with 4oz of combed Merino wool top.  In the top picture you can see a small unwashed, unblocked skein that was my very first, not very successful attempt.  There is also still a little on my spindle that I had to spin separately because I couldn't get anymore on my spindle.  So, I made a little more than this finished skein out of that 4oz.

It is time-consuming, but very satisfying.  I will do more.  For now, I am excited to think about what I will make with this!  I've been perusing fiber on Etsy and also at Bijou Basin.  I can't wait to get more!

Have you made handspun yarn?  How did you feel about your experience?  Feel free to share pictures of your favorite or first handspun yarn on my facebook page!

Happy spinning and stitching!



Blanket Goal Accomplished

 At the beginning of 2012 I set a goal to start a twin-size afghan for Lady Hops-a-lot and to finish it by the end of the year.
 I did it!  I finished it a few days before Christmas.  The blocks are made in petal stitch that I got from my Interweave Harmony Guide stitch dictionary.  There are many different sizes of blocks turned in differing directions and sewn together.  It gives it a kind of random appearance, but it was too planned to be truly random.
I made it in Berroco Comfort, a nylon/acrylic blend that can be machine washed and dried.  It is snugly  and soft.  I loved working with it.  My only problem with the yarn is that the ends are not staying woven in very well.  Not exactly sure how I will remedy that situation.  Maybe with a little fabric glue?

She chose the colors: Buttercup #9712, Grape Jelly #9739, and Primary Blue #9736.  This pattern is not published.  Maybe it never will be, maybe it will...I don't know.

Did any of my readers accomplish a big crochet goal this year?  What was it?

Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!