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Tunisian Infinity Scarf

For Christmas this year I was given two drop spindles, one from my mom and one from my sister.  My mom also gifted me 4 oz. of Merino roving.  I spun all of it into what we will call a thick-and-thin yarn (since that sounds better than inconsistent-thickness).  Most of it is probably fingering weight, but there are sections here and there of bulky to laceweight, and everything in between.

I started out making a partial-motif stitch pattern cowl, but it was just not working in this yarn.  I think that a motif pattern really needs a consistent-thickness yarn to look sharp.  Also, I was trying to work it in an H hook, since most of the yarn is fingering weight, I didn't want to go too big.  That was just not working.  In the bulky sections, it was making the fabric hopelessly stiff and hard.

So, a couple of evenings ago, I ripped that all out.  I also blocked the last little bit of the yarn that I wound of the spindle after the rest of it.  This morning I finished this infinity scarf.  It is worked in tunisian simple stitch, 15 sts across until I ran out of yarn, with a really big hook I have that doesn't have a size marked on it.  It made this rough, quirky, light, soft fabric that I really love!  The width of the scarf varies a lot based on the thickness of the yarn at various points.  I could probably even it out with blocking, but don't think I will.  I love the roughness of it.

What do you think?

Last night I started lining a bag that I made.  Did you see the beautiful Daffodil Bag by Marty Miller on the cover of the March/April issue of Crochet Today!  I love it!  I made one in the same colors as the Ring Around the Rosy Cozy (by me) from the same issue.  I started a yellow lining last night.  The lining is all put together, I just need to finish hand stitching it into the bag.

I also started a design project a couple of days ago with a skein of Classic Elite Liberty Wool Light that my mom gave me.  I think it's a really cool project.  I had to order 3 more skeins to finish it, and I am waiting on those to arrive.

So, things are going great around here!

How is your Spring Break going?  The girls and I are on our 2nd week of Spring Break, and we will all be ready to get back to work next week.  Things seem to go more smoothly when we have lots to do.

Happy Stitching!


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