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Seashore Shrug

Today I am sharing with you the "Seashore Shrug", another of the patterns from my e-book, "Banana Moon Studio Book One: Girls".  This is a long-sleeved, cabled shrug for girls in sizes 2[4, 6, 8, 10]. It is a simple and versatile pattern.

This is an easy pattern, with most of the stitches being basic double crochet. The cable of course uses post stitches and treble stitches, but nothing you can't figure out with a simple tutorial on post stitches and cables. Here is one about post stitches. This video shows how to do cables for another of my designs, and the video isn't great, but you can probably get the gist of cables from it. I'm sure that youtube would also be a great place to look for tutorials on cables that are better than mine.

The yarn for this design is Berroco Vintage #5125 Aquae -- a worsted weight acrylic/wool/nylon blend that is soft, machine-washable and easy to work with. It comes in a fantastic variety of colors -- 75 different shades, to be exact! I enjoyed using it and appreciate the good stitch definition for the cable.

It is worked from sleeve-edge to sleeve-edge. You can easily modify this pattern to make a shrug with shorter sleeves. Use the gauge and some math to determine how many rows you need to make the sleeve the desired length, then work that many rows before splitting, and that many rows after bringing it back together for the other sleeve.

I'd love to see pictures of finished shrugs! What color will use? Will you alter the sleeve length? You can add your pictures to Ravelry or share them on my Facebook page!

The e-book is available on Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy, and on my website for $13.99.

Happy Stitching!

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