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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I utilized my baking skills to be creative. I've been crocheting a lot today too, but baking as well. Of course, if you live in the US, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day to be stop and really think about all the blessings and joy in your life, one of those being good food.

These made from scratch rolls are my contribution to the feast. Above is before baking, and below is after baking. I made two dozen. Can you smell them? I wish you could, they smell fantastic! Mr AC begged to try one tonight and says they are marvelous!

What are you baking or stitching to celebrate and give thanks?

In other news, I'm working diligently on a large magazine project, stitching the model. I got a call for submissions today, so I have also been contemplating ideas for that, and since the rolls are finished, I'm about to go sit on the couch and work on a swatch based on my idea.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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