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Eye Candy - My Handspun

I have been asked, and would like to make, more tutorials to put up here on the blog, but just haven't had the time lately. Those are time-intensive blog posts. Hopefully soon, I'll get some up on working across row ends, working through two thicknesses, and a few others.

In the meantime though, you'll have to be content to see some pictures of my handspun yarn. Mr AC got me an antique spinning wheel for Christmas. Sadly, we tried getting replacement parts, but it just was not going to work. We thought about trying to find someone that could repair it, but I concluded, that even if we could get it repaired, it was not going to have the options available that I wanted. It doesn't have the adjustment capability that a new one would.

So, we ordered an Ashford Traveller from Paradise Fibers. I LOVE it! As you can see from the above works! I watched a youtube video about how to use a spinning wheel. I already kinda got how spinning worked from using a spindle, so it was not hard to figure out. It took me at least an hour to put together.

It is SO much faster than using a spindle. The 4 skeins in the top two pictures -- that is the result of 4 oz of Blue-faced Leicester that my sweetheart also got me for Christmas. It took me less than 2 days to make all 4 of those skeins, and I obviously did not spend 48 hrs straight at my wheel. Amazing how much faster that is than trying to work through 4 oz of fiber on a spindle! Honestly, I may never go back once I finish the project that is on my spindle right now. And believe me, I will ply that project with my wheel, not with a spindle.

I probably should have varnished it before putting it together and using it, but I've never been very patient when I am excited about something, and I really wanted to start spinning. I should probably at least varnish the pedals. It is a great wheel. It doesn't take up as much space as the antique one. It works great, isn't noisy, and it has an on board lazy kate -- so glad I got one with that feature! I love working with it! My favorite part of the process is plying the yarn. Something about the colors coming together and seeing the finished product. I don't know. Also, there is no drafting involved, so it is quick and easy to ply. I am in love!

And, on that note, Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! I'm going out with my sweetheart tonight. And, believe it or not, I do still love him more than my spinning wheel. After all, he bought it for me! We'll give each other, and the girls, some gifts tomorrow, and spend the evening together. Hope you all have a special day with the ones you love!

Happy crafting!


  1. Your handspun is beautiful! I'm curious, what did you do with your antique one?

    1. Thank you! I still have it. I would like to find someone to sell it to as a decorative item.

  2. Oh my word, your handspun is gorgeous!!! I can't believe you can make that yourself. ;-)