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This is SweetieWray's in Watonga, OK. One Friday a few weeks ago, my family and I were traveling to Roman Nose State Park, which is just outside of Watonga. Along the highway coming into town there was a large sign that read "Yarn Store, 113 W Main". This was highly effective advertising, since I had not thought to check the whereabouts of a yarn store before leaving on this day trip -- shocking, I know, but I'll remember to next time!

Thanks to my very nice husband and patient children, I was able to stop by. I'm so glad I did! It just so happens that they were celebrating their 5 year anniversary that day! What luck! Let me tell you, these folks know how to throw a party! There were sheep cookies and punch. There was a discount for everyone by choosing a sheep paper that had a discount amount inside. I think I got 15% off one item. There was a free set of beaded stitch markers for everyone, and they also entered me into a drawing. I don't think I won, because I haven't heard anything from them. Rats.

This was a very nice shop! I hope I have occasion to visit them again! It's not completely out of the question since Roman Nose State Park is such a nice park, and a great camping spot. There are natural springs there that we waded in. Here is one of my fav pics from our outing:

You can just see Drama Queen and Princess back there by the cave opening. There is a waterfall in that cave that I think comes out of a spring. There were many neat and beautiful sights there that we really enjoyed!

As you might have guessed, I picked out some yarn while I was at SweetieWray's. It is called "Swizzle" by The Alpaca Yarn Company. I got #01 Goldenrod, #03 Rose, and #04 Plum Perfection. This yarn is 100% Alpaca, dk weight, and very soft with a nice halo to it. It is loosely plied, and therefore tends to split, but it's not bothering me at all. The variation between dark and light within each colorway is a short variation, so that in traditional crochet, it produces short blips of color. Because of how Tunisian knit stitch works, it creates stripes. Interestingly, when I tried making the entrelac squares 10 sts wide, the square was almost entirely one shade. That was neat too, but I decided to make the squares a little smaller and got stripes, which was more what I wanted.

The next day we were traveling to my in-laws house to visit for a family wedding that evening. While on the way (Mr AC was driving) I was staring at those 3 pretty skeins of yarn, trying to decide what they wanted to be. I came up with an idea, and started a swatch, but it just wasn't looking like I had envisioned it.

I really thought that this yarn wanted to be stitched up in Tunisian crochet, but that really wasn't what I wanted to do. I eventually listened to the yarn, and started working in Tunisian entrelac, and it looked beautiful!

I don't plan to share anything else about what this is going be just yet, but I think it's a pretty great idea.

Hope you enjoyed my little travel log!

Happy stitching and happy travels!


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