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Scamp Bandana Reveal

Introducing the Scamp Bandana! This is the second of two patterns of mine in the Summer issue of Interweave Crochet! That's right! I got TWO patterns in one issue!

So, when I read the call for submissions for this issue, this is what I cam up with. I knew it was perfect because it had that kind of retro feel and was perfect for the road-trip/camping theme they were going for. This is going to be the perfect accessory for a road trip in a convertible -- to keep your hair under control and out of your face. Also in this issue, the editor was looking for projects in all different types of lace. This project is done in Bruges laces, and this is my first pattern in the technique.

I love it! I've already seen one finished project on Ravelry, and I hope to see many more.

It is made in Schulana Merino-Cotton 135 (distributed by Skacel) and an F/5 (3.75mm) hook.

If you've ever done Bruges lace, this should be easy. It's a small, beginner project in the technique, however a few people are having trouble with it (I've heard this via Ravelry and Part of the difficulty is probably just that this is a new technique to them, but there are a few errors in the pattern as well, that I'm sure aren't helping. In the "Last turning" at the end of Row 4 it says "Work Row 2 of Turning". That shouldn't be there. Don't work Row 2 of the Turning there. Just pretend those words aren't there. Also Row 4 of "Last Turning" and Row 2 of "Last column" are both missing a "turn" after you sl st to the hair band or to another ch-5 sp.

Well, I hope you enjoy and love this project as much as I do, despite the errors! My oldest, Drama Queen, is the happy owner of the original design that I submitted for my "swatch". We got it back, and she is enjoying it. The full-size one works well on her (she is 10). I may make some smaller ones for my younger kids -- fewer rows per column, and fewer columns.

Happy stitching!


  1. Yeah!! Congratulations!! Very cute project!

  2. April, I need help with your directions! Row 1 says
    3dc,1 ch-5 sp.
    Where do I place the 3dc? What is 1 ch-5 sp.?
    Lisa Dykstra

    1. Hi Lisa, What you've written there is just the stitch count at the end. It's what's written before that that tells you where to put the 3 stitches. If you could email me at bananamoonstudio @ gmail .com, I can give you a little more help. For copyright reasons, I prefer not to write the instructions on my blog.

  3. April, please help me decipher your directions for scamp bandanna.
    Row 1 3dc,1 ch-5 sp.
    Where do I place the 3dc? What does 1 ch-5 sp. mean?
    These abbreviations repeat many times in the directions- Lisa Dykstra

    1. Lisa, can you please email me with your questions? It would be better to discuss it there. You can email bananamoonstudio @ gmail . com