A Tour of the Studio

Today I bring you more pics of the studio. No photos of the closet this time, but you can see the rest of it. I have two desks, one for my sewing machine and one for my computer. I have a pile of things to be mended next to the sewing machine, and my spinning wheel handy so that I can easily turn around in my chair and do some spinning when I feel like avoiding work.

See my spifty light fixture? That is especially exciting because this loft was not designed with a permanent light fixture, and for the first 2 1/2 months here, I didn't have one, so my office was not very usable. I really don't understand why one would design a house and leave a room with no light fixture. It does not make sense to me at all. I ordered this hanging lamp and now I can work in here! Really exciting!

I have these three stacking baskets where I keep the things that I am currently working with or are in my queue. On the bottom there are blanket squares I'm making for a donation to Project Night Night. The middle basket has some balls of single-ply handspun that are waiting to be plied. The top basket has...an idea in it.

I have this cabinet for storing my girls' sheets and pillowcases, but on top of it I have my blocking board and rotary cutting mat stored....and there's the vacuum, and a couple of Home Depot bags with towel rings in them...waiting to be hung up in the girls' bathroom.

There is my guest chair (which was made by my mom years ago when she took a woodworking class), and Juliet, sporting a project in progress.

This is one of the drawers in my computer desk with all of my sewing thread on a pegged rack designed for thread spools. I have my color grid by Gail Callahan, and resume paper which I use to print tags for Etsy purchases and design swatches.

This space is still a work in progress, and I'm sure it will change over time, but it's finally a functional work space. The closet in particular still needs a lot of organization.

I don't have anything on the walls yet, besides the clock, but I have plans to hang up crosstitch pictures that my grandma made, and one that I made years ago. I have a painting that I did in college and doilies that my great-grandma made. I plan to hang up all of those things in here so that I will be surrounded by my crafty heritage as I work.

I am SO excited to finally have a space set up just for my business! Do you have any great ideas for how I can improve my studio? Organize the closet? I'd love to hear about them!

Happy crafting!

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