Book Review: Custom Socks

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Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet
By Kate Atherley
Interweave/F+W $27.99

Today I have a great book review for you! This is Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet, by Kate Atherley. This book is going to help you solve all of your sock-knitting woes! It will help you make socks for yourself, and socks to gift to others. If you have ever found that standard sock sizes don't work for your feet, this book will really be indispensable!

Let's talk about making socks for other people. Have you ever gifted handmade socks? or wanted to? There are great charts in here that will help you with measuring a foot, or with estimating sock size based on shoe size. Or, if you have only some of the needed measurements there are charts to help you estimate the rest.

There is information about estimated yardage depending on sock size and gauge. There are recommendations for yarn types and tools. Author Kate Atherly, also discusses different construction methods like dpns or circulars, toe-up or cuff-down. She gives tips for different parts and aspects of the sock.

This book gives you options for heel stitch patterns, cast-ons, and bind-offs to keep your heels durable, and your leg-end stretchy. There are also helps for those of you that detest grafting your toes with kitchener stitch. Kate discusses the suitability of various stitch patterns to sock knitting and discusses color-work and swatching. There are great how-to instructions in this book with wonderful illustrations and diagrams.

There are 11 sock patterns in this book. There are basic patterns and cabled ones. There are patterns that are a teensy bit lacy. There are textured patterns and color-work patterns, and even a knee sock. Most of the patterns include charts.

Here are a few of my favorite patterns from this book:

"Oh, Valencia!"


"Fitzcarraldo Knee Sock"
If you're looking to dive further into sock knitting to help yourself knit better socks, you'll want to look this book over!

Happy stitching!

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