Cumulus Cowl

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(C)Interweave Crochet
Today I have the pleasure of showing you one of my latest designs, "Cumulus Cowl" published in Interweave Crochet, Fall 2015. I seriously cannot wait to get this sample back from the publisher. I'm hoping I'll have it back before winter sets in. This cowl is so warm!

(C)Interweave Crochet
Now, you can see that the stylist decided to have the model wear this as a stole, and that can work if you are fairly small, and believe me it will be cozy. I did, however, mean for this to be a very chunky cowl, so I guess it is a very versatile piece that you can wear many ways. In addition to doubling as a stole, it has an interesting texture on both sides, so it is reversible as well. The top two pictures show it on both sides. If you can zoom into those, you'll see the difference. The next photo just below shows one side closer, and the bottom photo shows the other side closer.

(C)Interweave Crochet

The yarn used is Cascade Yarns Magnum, which is super bulky 100% wool that comes in 123 yd skeins. You'll need 3 of these deliciously soft skeins and a 15 mm/Q hook to make this fast-finish accessory. Start today and you could have it finished before the week is over.

(C)Interweave Crochet

In this last photo you can see the very visible diagonal join. While making this, I thought about trying to find a less-visible way to join the rounds, but I decided I rather liked this feature. I'm guessing that the publisher liked it as well since they decided to photograph it. I can see wearing this cowl with the join showing since it adds another interesting line to the piece.

When you finish yours please share your photos on my Facebook page and/or Ravelry! I love seeing photos of finished projects from my patterns!

Happy stitching!

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