Book Review: Continuous Crochet

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Today I'm here to review a new crochet title for you dear readers. This is Continuous Crochet by designer Kristin Omdahl.

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The lovely thing about all of the projects in this book is that there is very little finishing involved. From Kristin's introduction:

"This collection is dedicated to a variety of ways in which one can crochet designs and shapes and joining, all without cutting the yarn. I love sewing as much as the next person, but not when crocheting. So in this collection, I've placed considerable emphasis on reducing the number of ends to weave in, while pushing the envelope on what can be done within the parameters of garment design."

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Designer Kristin Omdahl and Interweave Press are a wonderful team and you can feel confident that you'll find well-written patterns in this book. There are stitch diagrams for every project, schematics for all the garments, and other diagrams and graphics where needed for explanation. The back contains a key to all the abbreviations and explanations, and graphics of any special techniques used.

Now let's get to the fun part! I am happy to share my three favorite projects in the book:

Twilight Skies Cardigan
 This is a lovely cardigan. I think it would look especially nice to work the 5 sided motifs in a separate color from the body so that they would really stand out. The motifs are all fastened off at the end of the motif, but they are joined together as-you-go to form the yoke, then the body continues off the bottom of those. I really love the yoke, don't you?!

Alfresco by the Lake Cape
 I really like the versatility of this cape! You can wear it with a belt or without. I think it could be great over a cami in warmer weather, or it can be a nice outer wear piece in cooler weather. The pattern doesn't look complicated, so I'm hoping this could make a nice chatting-with-friends pattern.

Tigress Pullover
The construction of this top is really interesting. It is made with Bruges lace, which if you've never tried, is pretty neat. The Bruges lace spirals around the body and is all joined as-you-go. I really think I may have to try this! Not only is this a neat project to make, it is really pretty! I like the wide waist and cuffs as well. They look ribbed, but they aren't. They are also joined as-you-go.

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Happy stitching!