Book Review: Crochet to Calm

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A month or so ago, I was sent Crochet to Calm by Interweave. I was rather surprised to receive it, as I was not expecting it. It's a really nice book. The projects are on trend, but oh-so-easy. All of these are simple patterns that make nice TV-watching or conversation-having projects. 

I'm not familiar with all the yarns used in this book, but it seemed that most of them are inexpensive yarns that you can find at the hobby stores, so that may appeal to some. Of course, you can always substitute if you're more of a Local Yarn Shop crocheter.

Here are a few favorites:

Honeycomb Blanket, by Adrienne Brigham

Peachy Arm Warmers, by Julie King

Slouchy Slipper Boots, by Lisa Van Klaveren

and Small Crochet Basket, by Desiree Hobson

Not long ago, I went on a sock-knitting binge. I made 2 pairs of socks for myself in quick succession. My four girls all started begging me for handmade socks of their own. Well, one day I started looking through the yarn vault for suitable yarn to begin a pair of socks for Lady Hops-a-lot. She asked what I was doing, and quickly showed me just the yarn she wanted. It was Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, which is a heavy worsted weight yarn....not your typical sock yarn. This was not what I'd had in mind, but it would be a lot quicker. I thought of the Slouchy Slipper Boots pattern in this book and showed her the picture. She immediately agreed that the pattern would be perfect. Hooray! I began her slipper boots on Monday. By the end of the week I had completed, not one, but THREE sets! Lady Hops-a-lot, Princess, and Baby, all had a set in the color of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable of their choosing. I made these while watching the Olympics. It was a great project to keep my hands busy while spending much more time than usual watching television. Here are the sets I made:

 Aren't they so cute! The pattern was easily memorized and fun! I look forward to trying other patterns from this book as well! I hope you'll get the book and try them too!

Happy stitching,

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