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Tulip Gauntlets

Crochet mitts, crochet fingerless gloves, crochet gauntlets pattern by April Garwood for Interweave Crochet
(C) Interweave/F+W Media

New crochet gauntlets pattern!

Hi friends! Today I'm pleased to tell you about "Tulip Gauntlets," a recent crochet design I did for Love of Crochet magazine.

These are long fingerless gloves made in 5 shades of Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash. The stitch pattern is one that I came up with years ago when I did a design for Crochet Today! magazine called "Ring Around the Rosy Cozy," which were garden pot cozies. You can see this stitch pattern on the bottom sections of the cozies.

(C)Crochet Today! magazine

About the stitch pattern: Tulip Stitch

I called this "tulip stitch" because the little clusters look like tulips. This is an overlay technique. You only use one color in each round of the stitch pattern, but your rows overlap to create the look of having two colors in each round.

The prototype

My original gauntlets were stitched in Valley Yarns Valley Superwash dk in 4 shades of blue. I sent these originals into Interweave with my submission so they could try them on and love them. I look forward to getting them back because I like to keep them in the bottom of my purse for times that I'm chilly. I first designed these to be included in a book submission. However, that didn't pan out. I never submitted the book proposal. I had originally named the pattern Guadalupe Gloves, after a river in Texas. My family traditionally vacationed at a small cabin resort along the Guadalupe River around Thanksgiving every year. I have very fond memories of canoeing the river with my sisters and cousins.

Crochet mitts, crochet fingerless gloves, crochet gauntlets pattern by April Garwood for Interweave Crochet

What you'll need to crochet these gauntlets 

The gauntlets pattern is written in 3 sizes to fit small, medium, and large adult hands. You'll need 1 skein each of the 5 shades you plan to use.

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Happy Stitching!

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