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How to do Tunisian Smock Stitch

How to do Tunisian smock stitch, tutorial by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio

Tunisian Crochet Smock Stitch

Tunisian crochet smock stitch is the beautiful, textured stitch you see in the photo above. I used this pattern stitch in a Tunisian crochet pattern called Iridescent Cowl (click here for the pattern!). This is a free crochet pattern on my blog!

Free Tunisian crochet pattern featuring Tunisian smock stitch, pattern by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio

It's a lovely cowl that uses Tunisian knit stitch (tutorial here) and Tunisian smock stitch (this is the tutorial!). Please "like" the video and subscribe to my channel, and all that jazz, because it helps me get more views and all that jazz. And look below for links to additional cowl and scarf patterns, and links to find me on your favorite social media sites.

Most importantly, here is the video tutorial:

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Happy stitching!

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